Monday, January 10, 2005

Molvanîa: a Land Untouched by Modern Dentistry (A Jetlag Travel Guide), by Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner & Rob Sitch

Retrieved from: the library
(1585676195), 2004
Suggested by: another that crossed my desk and I had to bring home to read. I also gave it to someone for Christmas, someone who has traveled in the former Soviet Union and Romania. So he knows.
My Ratings: 9 Merit, 8 Interest, 10 Fun

This looks like the Rough Guides, so much so that I wasn't actually sure when I saw the book if I'd missed the sudden appearance of a new country. But then you open it and read:
...Molvania is also a country very much in touch with its modern side....[Y]ou'll see trendy, young Molvanian students dancing to the sounds of a fzdari band (described by one visitor as 'techno-trance meets the mazurka') or perhaps take a tour of the massive automotive plant in Bardjov, where proud workers produce Molvania's national car, the Skumpta, with its distinctively stylish plywood interior trim.
If indeed a visitor does travel to Bardjov, she could choose to stay at the Holidaj Injn at 123 Sv E. Van Halen, described thus:
Like the US chain, the emphasis here is on consistency, and management have made sure that all the rooms feature thin walls, non-functioning toilets and a lingering smell of stale cigar smoke. The hotel also boasts a 'Leisure Club' ('Klub Lezur') but this would appear to be little more than a partially carpeted room with a half-sized billiard table and a deck of cards.
Remember the worst trip you've ever been on? It is guaranteed to sound like heaven compared to Molvania. Having slept with Intourist, I can honestly say...I recognize it in this book.

Fun. Lots of work went into this. And in case you want to take another armchair vacation to a warmer climate, the Jetlag website has also got books (the covers at least) available for places like Costa del Porn.

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