Sunday, October 24, 2010

Grave Sight, by Charlaine Harris (on CD)

This is a series by the woman who created the Sookie Stackhouse characters (i.e. True Blood on TV), but this is about a woman who was hit by lightning and can now tell by touch how someone died. That's all; she can't see beyond the moment of death or injury.

She makes her living searching for missing people and trying to resolve family pain over issues such as 'what really killed Aunt Mabel, the surgery or the heart attack?' Of course, she is also asked to find out how murder victims died, which she can't do; she can only tell that they were killed. This is a problem since people refuse to see that her vision isn't limitless. And people dislike that she is earning money off of 'other people's pain' which she points out over and over again is just the way she earns a living.

Interesting concept. The reader wasn't great, but the characters are fascinating. Arkansas doesn't come off looking too friendly in this one at all. And I knew what the "key" was to the mystery REALLY early on.

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