Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Serpents of Harbledown, by Edward Marston

I got this one out of order and read the next book in the series before this one. Oh well.

This one finds the commissioner's in Kent, headed for Canterbury. Upon their arrival they are faced with a deep disagreement between the archbishop and the local priory, and also with a poisoned young girl found near a leper's colony. The wife of the house in which they are staying was good friends with the dead girl, so they are drawn into finding out how she was killed.

Then the leader of the monks who run the leper colony dies, and both deaths are soon reclassified as murders, and laid at the doorstep of a French heretic who has snuck into the country.

Interesting sub-plot about what constitutes heresy as opposed to sincerely-held alternative thoughts on the rights of the church and individuals. The main plot was pretty much a pot-boiler, but I still like the history I'm spoon-fed as I read this.

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