Thursday, July 23, 2015

Review: Joseph Anton: A Memoir

Joseph Anton: A Memoir Joseph Anton: A Memoir by Salman Rushdie
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Although I didn't like Rushdie universally throughout the book, I came to appreciate how trying the 14 years of his 'captivity' of security forces in England. The end result is that I now want to try to read some of his books, which I've never felt at all drawn to before listening to this book. Probably a bit backwards. I do wish he'd've mentioned the libraries who continued to buy his books throughout the dangerous years of the fatwa--which is, legally, still in effect though unenforced. He talks about booksellers a great deal, but hellooooo! So, great autobiography. The reader, however, absolutely irritated the living shit out of me. Worst American accent ever! He managed to make all American women sound like nasal-voiced shrews with speech impediments. Men weren't better but at least they didn't sound whiny. While I was glad to learn that Vaclav Havel's first name is pronounced "vats-lav" I did feel the need to double-check him when I heard Syracuse and Telluride pronounced "SIRE-uhk-yuse" and "Tell-yur-id"--I mean, come ON! I wonder about how he sounds to a native Indian or Middle-Easterner on words from those areas... Very, very annoying.

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